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 Discover the Truth Nobody Ever Tells You - Your home is your most expensive asset. Don't you deserve to know the whole truth about buying or selling it?

 Be Empowered to Make the Best Choices - No two people have exactly the same goals or needs. Do you want cookie cutter solutions or ones that fit your needs exactly?

 Never Second Guess Yourself Again - There really are ways to be certain you are selling your home for the most money in the least time and buying the best house for you.  How important is confidence and peace of mind to you?
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Most people buy or sell a home, the single most expensive thing they ever buy or sell, 5 or 6 times in their entire life. This happens about every 7-10 years, which is enough time for everything to be different than the last time they did it. 

The problem is over 70% do it with all the due diligence of choosing where to eat - they look for stars on a website, they go with the recommendation of a friend or they go to a place that offers a discount.

This costs people tens of thousands of dollars every day - and it makes me crazy. 

I wrote this book for the few that refuse to do it the way the vast majority does it.
Average People Do Things the Way They've Always Been Done
Above Average People are Always Looking for Ways to Do it Better!
  • The mistake 70% of Americans make before buying or selling their home  - Chapter 5
  •   Using a Realtor is not always a good idea. (How many Realtors will tell you that?!?)  - Chapter 4
  •  Seven simple questions to make sure you get the best real estate agent (and eliminate all the wrong ones) - Chapter 6
  •  The right time to sell (it's not what the professionals and pundits will tell you)  - Chapter 15
  •  The wrong lender can cost you way more than you think - and how to avoid that fate   - Chapter 9
  •  One simple trick to make sure your next real estate transaction leaves you satisfied  - Chapter 3
  •  ...and Much More!!
Shortchanged by Shortcuts Has Already Helped Hundreds of People Around The Country...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?"
But don't believe me. Here's what people are saying about this book...
Hilary Hendershott
San Jose, CA
Don't Buy or Sell a Home Without Reading This Book
From my perspective as a fiduciary (fee-only) Certified Financial Planner and experienced real estate investor, most people don’t know they have a fatal flaw when it comes to buying and selling real estate. What is that fatal flaw? To put it simply—emotions. People get FAR too emotional about their real estate, which of course is understandable since for most it’s one of the largest purchases of their lives, but it ends up costing them tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What I love about Short Changed By Shortcuts is that Mr. Hendon has provided a clear and rational explanation of the various ways our human mind tricks us. 

If you intend to produce above average results in your investment choices (hey, and even in your life), consider adopting a framework like the one Mr. Hendon lays out in this book. Don’t enter into what could be the largest transaction of your life without a plan, some training and some education.

Don't rip yourself off!  Get your copy today!
A Must Read for Anyone Considering Buying a Home
When I read this book, I'd only bought one house in my life. It was 1980. I was 30 years old and clueless as to just how naive and gullible I was. 

When I decided to buy a house, my Mother recommended a "good friend" of hers who was a realtor. When I met the woman, I was left with the impression she had my best interests at heart, so I trusted her completely. 4 years later after a divorce I discovered I was upside down by nearly $20k, and that I'd paid $20K more than the value of the house before I spent $10K to remodel it. I had to give it to the bank and ultimately filed for bankruptcy to erase the debt. 

Given this past experience, I probably would never trust a realtor again or buy a house again. 

After reading Aaron's book, I now know how it works. And, most importantly, I know how to avoid all the pitfalls one can fall into without the awareness and courage this book provided me. 

Thank you Aaron for not only the great education but an enjoyable read. I'm now exploring buying another house.
Duane Smelser
Portland, OR
If I can do this so can you!  Get your copy today!
Alex Keeley
San Francisco, CA
Understanding your brain’s shortcuts to make $$
This book is a must for anyone considering buying or selling a house. 

Understanding your own thought process (as applied to real estate) allows you make better informed choices. 

Mr. Hendon breaks down the various ways our brains make complex things easier sabotage our decision making process. 

Be smarter, and save/make thousands more on your real estate transaction? Seems like a no brainer.
How to Sell Your House for the MOST Money Possible
As a real estate investor buying and selling more than 300 houses per year, I witness these shortcuts and mistakes made on Deals costing people thousands of dollars unnecessarily on their home sales. 

Aaron’s book dives deep into the psychological reasons why people make these mistakes. 

Must read for anyone interested in maximizing their money when selling their house.
Daniel Breslin
Chicago, IL
As You Can See...
Shortchanged by Shortcuts Has Already Helped People Around The Country...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
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Well, there are actually a few reasons...
Because (unlike other "guru's") I don't make my money writing books (I actually run a real estate business buying and selling homes for my clients)... so because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff.
Because I believe in "What Goes Around Comes Around" and I have yet to see the downside in educating people and empowering them to be able to get what they want.
While there is a very small chance I can be your agent I still want to help... I really hate that there is so little information out there about how to buy or sell your home. Almost all the real estate books out there are really just about investing or flipping. Nobody has taken on giving people the information they need when it comes to the single most expensive thing they will ever buy or sell.

I simply could no longer pretend I had nothing to contribute.
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  • A video demonstration of how everybody gets fooled into making mistakes by their own pre-existing ideas 
  •  An editable email template that makes finding your next Realtor as simple as hitting “send” 
  •  A downloadable checklist to assure that your next house is not a lemon 
  •  A full set of videos walking you through every step of the home buying process 
  •  A downloadable sample home inspection so you know what to look for when buying or selling your home – before you even start! 
  •  A customizable worksheet for you to make sure you select the best possible offer when selling your home
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